Avondale College Stage1

Contractor                       Alliance Construction
Location:                         Rosebank Road Avondale, Auckland.
Architect:                        Jasmax
Engineer:                        L K Jacobs
Year of Completion:      Feb 2011
Description:                    Decorative, Thermally insulated Precast - Education

Avondale College stage 1 Maths Block - Winner of the 2011 NZCS Monte Craven Architectural building Award .

Judges comments: "Impressed by the clean lines of the vertical insulated precast panels with their durable, fire-resistant surfaces, inside and out, The judging panel agreed that creating a sense of permanence and solidity with this concrete building was certainly achieved."
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The project excelled in the use of concrete with the combined use of MONARC Creative Precast and thermal insulating technology.

Highly Decorative
The precast panels included an array of decorative techniques and finishes. The finishes not only increased the aesthetic appearance of the building but cemented the essence of the Schools Spirit.

'Collect the Heartwood' Avondale College's motto was reflected in the precast panel design, The 'rings of a tree' symbolised through the decorative elements of roughsawn timber cast in rebates, Bands of MONARC's Diamond Honed Concrete and ultimately in the overall configuration of precast panels that make up the building structure.

MONARC's 'Oyster' Concrete Blend was selected for all precast panels. Whilst all panels were manufactured with the same concrete contrast between the 'Tree rings' / panels was achieved simply through the selection of different surface treatments.

Through the array of panels MONARC Diamond Honing was selected to deliver a beautiful polished concrete surface, natural aggregates ground to a 5000 grade provided a smooth non abrasive surface complimenting perfectly the cement colours and overall design.  

Rough sawn timber Nauhria together with the project archtiect implemented an R&D program to establish the right look of rough sawn timber from a variety of different sources ultimatley finding the ideal grain, and texture desired to render the full height textured  surfaces. Different preparation techniques were also used to accentuate and maximise the rough sawn timber effect.

MONARC Routing provided the ability to permanently brand both the school's logo and motto's in English and Maori translations directly out of the precast concrete panels.

The Stage 1 of the schools redevelopment was explified with excellence.
As for stage 2 currently under build  - Watch this space for even bigger and better !!!